Queen of Orphans Interlude 1

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Quick Recap[edit]

In a single drawn-out instant of psychic communication, Margaret turns an assault by the Ebonbane into an important lesson for the Lotus.


Finally realizing that the party has someone who can eavesdrop on it via susurrus, the Ebonbane recalls hints from its torture of the Earth Weird, and knows that the Lotus is the instrument of its revenge. It lashes out with the full power of its telepathic ability, hammering at the Lotus with doubts and shame even as it tries to recruit it as an ally. Bonded as she is to the Lotus, Margaret can feel the strain, and she connects to it using her mindlink spell, which allows her to communicate ten minute's worth of conversation in an instant. She digs deep into the secret shame and fear the Lotus has, not knowing what it really is. She discovered it was one of many such flowers, but for unknown reasons, the creator accepted many others but was revolted by something he saw in the Lotus, and cast it out to be destroyed. The Ebonbane makes hints that the Lotus is of a similar nature to it, and as the Lotus knows nothing of its own nature, it fears these hints are the truth.

After some discussion of the nature of good and evil, Margaret points out that the Earth Weird said the Lotus was a balanced elemental, one of the rarest kinds, but the Lotus still doesn't know what that means. Finally Margaret shares a memory from her training, of how elementals are believed to be created by the perception of the overgod AO, who creates life by his appreciation, the way mortals create beauty. Reassured by this, and recalling Kateri Shadowborn's line about howling wind, she fills the susurrus with static to drown out the demon's lies.

Full Transcript[edit]

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