Queen of Orphans Episode 13

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Queen of Orphans Episode 13
Setting Village of Bethany
Conny Katdoc
Lysandra Fey Mischief
Margaret Max Ravenwood
Sinae SagasUnlimited
Lidia Anikay


The two parties unite and go to Bethany for safety. Lysandra agrees to host the outlanders at her farm.


Not long after their departure, Lysandra’s kindly neighbor Melody Bracebridge comes by to help prepare lunch for all the new arrivals, and welcome them back. With Melody’s tips, Lysandra prepares a marvelous meal, and the party enjoys its first home-cooked meal in what feels like weeks. Following this, the party splinters into small groups. Margaret reveals a disguise kit, and helps them subtly conceal their elvish nature. Lidia takes the opportunity to point out that she recognizes Conny from somewhere, and might have seen one of her early performances. Marcu reveals to Sinae he pinched a set of silverware for himself, to her delight, and then joins Lidia and Conny in a short game of cards. Rather than betting for coin, they bet one question that must be answered honestly. Lidia wins, and asks Marcu why he left home. Marcu opens up slightly, more than he had in all his travels with Lidia, and hints at a troubled past in a strict, militant family.

Sinae goes to check on Thio, and finds Kira in dark spirits. Thio’s condition rips at her, and she doesn’t see any way things can get better. They are trapped in a strange, dark place, with a damaged airship and no idea how to get home. Sinae offers some comfort, reminding her that she hasn’t given up, and together they can do anything. Kira recovers somewhat, and reminds Sinae that she is still her number two, or her first mate now that she’s a captain. Kira decides to keep watching Thio, whose affliction seems to have reduced him to infantile intellect and given him an aversion to swords, and Sinae suggests to Lysandra heading to Bethany and stocking up on supplies. Before she leaves, however, she seeks out both Lidia with her group and Margaret, and asks them whether or not they plan to continue travelling together.

Marcu explains that he has had enough peril, and he plans to return to a more simple, urban lifestyle. However, he promises never to forget their time together, and notes that he might be contacted through friends at the Wheel of Gold in Levkarest. He also informs Sinae of the Mikki Sanitarium in Dementlieu and Saulbridge in Mordentshire, both of which might be able to help Thio. Margaret, meanwhile, finds her bond with the Lotus stronger than ever, and chooses to stick with the Skyflame for now. Margaret, motivated by the sullenness of her caiman familiar Frederick, accompanies Sinae towards Bethany, to the Bracebridge Farm.

No sooner do they depart than Laran, a female Knight of the Shadows, arrives at Lysandra’s with much news. Davran has begun preparations for a festival occurring in three days time, and produces the message for Sinae to transport. She also mentions she wants to speak with Lysandra and Conny (still masquerading as Lysandra’s cousin Cortana). She asks if either of them know what became of the archer who attacked them by the wall, but neither can remember anything pertinent.

Sinae and Margaret reach the Bracebridge Farm, and are greeted by Melody. Margaret is able to translate for Sinae, and she purchases the goods she needs from Melody, who offers to deliver them at dinner time. Sinae has other purchases in mind, poisons and fancy hats befitting a captain, but such luxuries will be impossible until the spring festival and the arrival of the enigmatic Vistani. Her business more or less complete, Sinae and Margaret head back to Lysandra’s, where they encounter Laran.

She gives Sinae Davran’s message, but since she must keep Davran’s allies location secret, she must be the one to send the message. Sinae begrudgingly activates the Silver Raven and gives it to Laran, who sends it on its way. After this is complete, Laran departs on horseback, and a real peace, the first peace the party has tasted since arriving at the Shadowborn Manor, descends over Lysandra’s. The party enjoys a fulfilling dinner, courtesy of Melody Bracebridge’s supplies, and all eventually retire for the night.

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