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Welcome! This campaign is so new, it doesn't have a name yet (suggestions welcome!) but here's what we know:

The Basics[edit]

Setting: Dementlieu, in the Ravenloft D&D setting. While this is not a D&D game, the basic assumptions of Ravenloft will be default until declared otherwise.

System: Inkubator, a story-growing system under development on this wiki.

Timing: The year is 770 on the Barovian Calendar; this is 13 years after the last Gazetteer was written, and 10 years after the end of the Kara's Daughters campaign.

Sources: Any Ravenloft canon or fanon is fair game as inspiration, but subject to revision by the inkubator system. Many wiki pages here will refer to the Mistipedia by default, but any information there that is not included here is considered secret, and is therefore subject to revision by Secret Keepers. That means beware of spoilers, because they may actually be misleading!

Participants: Strictly invitation for now, but as inkubator is intended for large groups, the plan is to open it up to anyone eventually.

Themes: Political corruption, class warfare, smoke-filled rooms, secret societies, and intrigue

Tone: Suspense and paranoia

  • SPECIAL NOTE: Some participants will be under 13 years of age, so this campaign will NOT focus on the adult themes that played strongly into Kara's Daughters. Some mature content may be allowed depending upon how it is handled. Like anything else in inkubator, this will be a topic of ongoing discussion with ad hoc decisions for now, until it develops its own set of guidelines.

How to Start[edit]

In Inkubator, the story grows in an organic fashion, emerging from the collective contributions of the group.

Starting Steps:

  • Take the Bartle Test, and record your score on your User Page for others to see! We'll be using the Bartle Test to help adjust the rules of Inkubator to produce the kind of story we need.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Source Material, as much or as little as you like.
  • Participate in any Polls that are active.
  • Create and sprout character seeds. If you like a character, you can volunteer to be a Secret Keeper for that character.
  • Once a character is sprouted, you can ask questions. Secret Keepers for that character use these questions to propose scenes. Anyone else can answer the questions with rumors, offering inspiration to the Secret Keepers without committing them to anything.

If a Secret Keeper proposes a Scene to answer one or more of the questions posed about a particular character, they choose time and place, and select some appropriate characters, although others may be added. While they must be in keeping with the general timeline, Scenes do not need to be proposed or completed in any order--a scene proposed to introduce two characters might eventually become a cut scene in the final narrative, while one that was originally posed as a flashback might end up as the introduction.

Once a scene has started, people can take control of various characters for the duration.


Our first scene is the introduction. We were still hammering out these rules when we started this scene, so it may not follow all of them.

The second scene is the Night of the Storm, which was proposed to answer the question, "How did Merideth Post lose her husband?"