Queen of Orphans Episode 18

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Queen of Orphans Episode 18
Setting Village of Bethany
Conny Katdoc
Lysandra Revka
Margaret Max Ravenwood
Sinae SagasUnlimited
Lidia Anikay



Their investigations complete, Margaret and Sinae enter the swamp after Kira, who found the other missing corpse from the graveyard was a red herring. Using the Lotus to get clues from the Ebonbane, Sinae and Margaret find Thio deep in the swamp, trapped and dying in the custody of will-o-wisps who feed off his fear and suffering. A mysterious figure appears to Sinae and explains how she can drive off the will-o-wisps with sincere gratitude for protecting Thio from the Ahltrian. She drives off many of them, one converts to a feu follet and the rest agree to help her in exchange for payment later. With their help and some new spells from Margaret, they escape back to a cluster of allies fighting the Ahltrian.

Meanwhile, Lidia follows her part of the investigation back to Lysandra, accompanied by Conny, Marcu, Gregari and Akari. Marcu reads her mind and is shocked by the discovery: the Hound is actually Amber, a companion Lysandra made in a fit of extreme loneliness and fear after her father died. She confesses that Amber is out of control and threatening everyone she cares about. Realizing that this includes the others in the woods, Lidia and Conny ride into the swamp alongside Maureve to help their new allies.

Full Transcript[edit]

File:Ep18 Transcript.pdf

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