Conamour the Curious

Conamour the Curious
First Appearance Queen of Orphans Episode 6
Played By Katdoc
Last Seen Currently Active
Conamour the Curious


Charlotte "Conamour the Curious" Mullineaux, raised by the simple name of Conny in Port-a-Lucine, is an eccentric half-elf. Abandoned by her true family as the product of an affair, she was raised by a gnomish street magician who taught her the joy of performing and bringing smiles to people's faces. Following in the steps of her adoptive father she too became a street magician, and grew quite popular among the masses of Dementlieu. With popularity came her rival, the Infallible Iris, who exposed her for her "fake" magic. Conny swore she would learn real magic to enhance her shows. For reasons not yet clear, Conny was kidnapped by a group of Vistani, who left her to die while traveling through Bethany, and Amber dragged her to the doorstep of Lysandra Oakheart. In Bethany, Conny discovered she has a connection to fey, a magical mark given to her as an infant. This "dryad's kiss" is a silvery smooth patch of skin behind her left shoulder, and it gives her an enhanced resistance to fey illusions and charms. Through this connection and her acquisition of a number of fey tokens--her ocarina and crown were given to her when she was mistaken for a fey, and her flower dress was a gift from Hanabira--she has developed her own long-awaited spellcasting powers as a sorceress.

Current SketchEdit

Not all of Conny's encounters with the fey have been pleasant; after running afoul of the glaistig, Conny fell under a hex that caused her to trade feet with the monster, giving her cloven hooves that could walk on water but sank on dry land. She carried a copper watering can for emergencies. To make matters worse, she ran into her kidnappers in the Midnight Market, and the violence that resulted brought the judgement of the Minister of Fear. Only some fast thinking by Maginty saved her from a fate worse than death, but she was still auctioned off as a slave. Through more clever dealing, Conny managed to get purchased by Athene, who brought her home to Dementlieu and set her free. She's now working with Athene and others to investigate the Metzger Murders, an investigation complicated by her return home to Lelone.


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